Machine Learning My Way (MLMW) – Early Access

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MLMW is a downloadable reference that makes a clear and concise overview of machine learning including the following topics:

  • modelling concepts and techniques (aka the “formulas”),
  • computer science and software tools (aka the “code”),
  • model and data productisation (aka the “money”).

The overview is equipped with links to textbooks, reports, summary articles, industry cases and excercises that enable you to actually learn. Only limited number of passive learning resouces like videos or tutorials made it to the MLMW list.

Get access and download

MLMW ships as a topic list, a longer guide and the website.

The topic listA slim list of topics I wish I knew well (models, tools and productisation)Access granted upon request.
The MLMW guideA longer list of topics with links and quotes.Get public PDF or view online – enjoy while files are open.
WebsiteBest of MLMW reclassified.Browse at


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